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Durango, CO Off-road & 4×4 Information

Thanks so much for renting our 2017 Jeep Rubicon. We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the Durango area. Here are a few things to keep in mind. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 970-903-7951.

Where to drive: Some of the most popular Jeep trails are the Alpine Loop, Animas Forks, Clear lake, Corkscrew Pass, Imogene/Ophir loop, Stony Creek Pass, Yankee Boy Basin, Kennebec Pass, Endlich Mesa, Middle Mountain, Old Lime Creek, and Bolam Pass. We’ve provided a guidebook in your Jeep for your convenience. Obviously the Jeep is a fully capable off-road vehicle. We request that you stay on designated roads and don’t drive in any areas without roads and legal access. We do not allow our Jeep on Black Bear Pass and Poughkeepsie Gulch. Please be mindful of your off-road skills and stay within your limits. Fines for driving off of roads or permitted areas are extremely steep! If you have any questions about where to go at any particular time of year (many of the high passes are still closed by snow all the way to mid-July some years), just let us know and we can help. Your Jeep will not drive through melting snow very well, so if a road is blocked by snow, we strongly request that you not try to make it past that area. Simply turn around and head back. As you can imagine, getting a tow truck into the backcountry will be a formidable expense. We have even known some Jeeps that have been airlifted out at exorbitant costs to the drivers.

Jeep Instructions:  Your Jeep is equipped with a Triptronic shifter on the actual automatic transmission gear shifter. It’s easy to accidentally engage this feature because it’s controlled by moving the shifter to the left or right when it’s in Drive. We have engaged the Triptronic shifter many times accidentally, at a stop sign for instance, and find ourselves in first gear trying to accelerate as usual up to speed. Be mindful of where the shifter is and in what gear you’re in or you may do damage to the engine. To get the shifter back into normal drive mode, simply hold it to the right until you see it back in “D” on the display. Your Rubicon is outfitted with a Sway Bar Disconnect and Axle Lock buttons to the left of the steering column (red buttons). These are to create more travel in the suspension (Sway Bar) and provide more traction when needed (Axle Lock). That said, the roads the vehicle is permitted to travel on will rarely if ever require that you engage these buttons and we strongly suggest that you do not use them. We’ve personally been on many of the roads you may travel on and the kind of performance these two features are for is indicative of a situation the Jeep should likely not be in. Rock crawling or driving off designated roads is not permitted. Driving the Jeep at normal pavement speeds with the Sway Bar disconnected is extremely dangerous and likely will result in losing control of the vehicle! All vehicle manual are in the glove box. We strongly suggest you review the sections on driving in four-wheel drive and off-road in particular if you plan to take the vehicle off paved roads. There are very specific ways to put the vehicle in four-wheel drive, both high and low and failure to comply with these methods will damage the drive-train and might be a bad outcome for your trip. If you’d like to take the “Freedom Top” off, simply consult the manual on how to do so. That said, the Jeep is not equipped to be left outside without its top on in inclement weather. Weather can change very rapidly in the mountains, especially at altitude. You should be prepared to put the top on if the weather changes, and you’re not permitted to leave it off and store the vehicle outside during your use.

REQUIREMENTS: Proof of Comprehensive and Collision are required. If your insurance card does not show coverages, please bring a copy of the declarations page from your insurance company. Jeep must be returned with a full tank of gas or there will be an additional charge $25, plus gas. Check-in/Checkout: Please follow the Turo instructions on how to upload before and after photos for your trip. This is the only way to validate your insurance!

LIABILITY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The renter acknowledges that in the event that he/she damages the vehicle he/she is liable for the full price of any repairs.

LATE FEES: $50 per hour.

Lost Keys: Sorry, but this one is expensive in modern vehicles. It will cost $250 to lose a key. That’s it.

Again, the Jeep manual in the glove box is comprehensive – we strongly suggest you review it before driving and definitely before taking this Jeep off the pavement. Thanks again for renting our Jeep. We know you’ll have a great time exploring and are confident you’ll treat our personal vehicle the way you would treat your own. After all, we’re not some faceless rental car company, but folks who will use the vehicle to enjoy our area just like you and who would appreciate you taking great care of our Jeep!

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